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AccessMCG (iRecruitment) - Errors

Carefully review the error and system messages for information on the specific problem. The messages often indicate what field has a problem and a tip to correct it. In most cases, closing the browser clears the Cache (temporary Internet files and cookies) and eliminates the error message. Internet Explorer 7 users should click "Tools", "Delete Browsing History", "Delete All", check the box for "Also delete files and settings stored by add-on", click "Yes" and then close the browser.

If the problem persists in a new browser or the message is general, online users may submit a request by clicking on the Create Service Request button below. Please complete all of the fields in the Contact Information section and provide a brief description of the request and the text of the error message in the Brief Description field.

If possible, try another PC in case the problem is with a setting on that PC. In the event of an approaching deadline, computers are available in the Office of Human Resources and all County Libraries.

Last Updated: 07/02/2018 07:00:07