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Home Business Operations License

Any homeowner in Montgomery County who operates a home-based business which generates more than Five visits to the site per day, or which generates up to Twenty visits to the site per week, or who provides a non-resident employee, must register his or her business with the Department of Permitting Services. In addition, all home-health practitioners and lawn maintenance services are required to register.
An applicant must submit a Home Occupation Registration Certificate application to the zoning office of DPS. The application must include the following items: site plan, floor plan, photographs of the property.
If new parking is being created for the Home Occupation or Home Health Practitioners Office, a separate review will be conducted to ensure adequate drainage for the parking area.
A second kitchen in the home for catering or making food for off-site delivery or sales is not permitted.
The normal processing time for approval or denial of a registered home occupation application is ten days. The certificate is non-renewable and is valid for as long as the business remains in operation.

To File a Complaint about a business operating from a residential property, please see the topic "Zoning and Site Plan Enforcement Violation or Complaint Investigation", by clicking on the second link below.

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

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