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Description of the Benefit-Performance License Application Process

A Benefit Performance is an event conducted and operated by a bona fide non-profit organization within Montgomery County, the net proceeds of which are exclusively for the benefit of the organization. Benefit Performances include carnivals, fairs, picnics, dances, bazaars, concerts and horse shows. Any bona fide non-profit organization within the county will need a Benefit-Performance License to conduct a benefit performance. Casino nights can only be operated if no cash prizes are being offered. State law prohibits gambling. A permit is required to hold such events. A completed Benefit-Performance application must be submitted, along with a copy of the organization's federal tax exemption number and site plan delineating the performance area, including seating and/or vending booths.

Applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the Benefit-Performance event. However, licenses for carnivals should be submitted at least four weeks prior to the Benefit-Performance.

A Benefit-Performance license may also require: a Food Service License from the Department of Health, Licensing & Regulatory Services Division, 240. 777.3986;

Temporary Alcoholic Beverage License from the Board of License Commissioners, 240.777.1999;

Electrical Permit from the Department of Permitting Services, Use and Occupancy Permit from the Department of Permitting Services, Building Permit from the Department of Permitting Services.

Event permit from the Department of Fire and Rescue Services. Benefit-Performances are subject to inspection by each of these agencies.

Online customers may submit a request to DPS to discuss the regulations by clicking on the "Create Service Request" button below. Please provide the requestor's full name, email address, phone number, location of the proposed event and a brief description of the request.

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