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COVID-19 Rental Relief Program HHS

The COVID Rent Relief Program has received the maximum number of applications to exhaust available funding. The program is creating a waiting list beginning on June 11, 2020, for residents to be considered for the possibility of additional funding, should it become available. To be included on a wait list, please click on "Create Service Request" button below and provide the requested information to be added to the wait list, including email address. In summary box also add number of adults and children, monthly rent, and current household income. Please list contact preference (email or phone) and any additional contact information in the "Brief Description" field.

Wait listed residents will be contacted should funding become available.

Callers who already have an open service request will be contacted by program staff to complete an application. Please keep the Service Request number and await contact from the program.

Check website in link one below for more information.

Find more information from the following link(s):

Last Updated: 06/19/2020 12:09:20