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Solid Waste-Specific Tax Charges

The bill could be for one or more charges Montgomery County collects in addition to taxes. The charges are Solid Waste, WSSC, and Water Quality. Exemption from paying property taxes does not extend to these charges. The amount of the refuse (solid waste) charge depends on the services provided. All tax bills include a base systems benefit charge & may also include incremental systems benefit charge (basically recycling services), disposal, collection, & leaf vacuuming fee. Solid waste charge is based on the nature of the property and County services received. Base systems benefit charge pays for basic programs and facilities necessary to fulfill the County's State-mandated obligation to manage solid waste generated. Incremental charge supports incremental recycling and composting services provided to different classes of ratepayers. Disposal charge covers a portion of the costs of solid waste disposal, and is charged to non-municipal single-family property owners only via the property tax bill in place of a refuse tipping fee charged to all others at the transfer station. All residential properties within designated leaf vacuuming districts are provided leaf vacuuming service by the County and are charged a single-family or multi-family leaf vacuuming fee as part of their total solid waste charge. Finally, single-family households in a County refuse collection district receive refuse collection service from County contractors and pay the refuse collection charge as part of the total solid waste charge. Single-family households outside a collection district contract privately for trash collection service, and are billed independently for the collection service. The private collector should not charge households outside a Collection District any cost for disposal.
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Last Updated: 10/12/2015 11:02:06