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COVID-19 Curbside Pickup and Delivery Zones

Montgomery County's Department of Transportation (MCDOT), in an effort to support restaurants that will depend on carryout orders, curbside pickup and deliveries during the COVID-19 emergency - and to also help the residents that will be using those services today announced that it has established "No Parking" zones in Parking Lot District areas with high concentrations of restaurants. Those zones will prevent long-term parking in spots in front of the establishment while allowing temporary "standing parking" of 15 minutes or less.

"No Parking" zones will improve residents' curbside access to businesses providing pick up and takeout food services while dine-in restaurant service is suspended under the Statewide order issued by Governor Hogan to help prevent spread of the virus.

In the first step of the program, MCDOT has established 24 temporary "Curbside Food Pickup" zones in Bethesda and Silver Spring downtown areas and in the Pike and Rose area of North Bethesda.

The areas designated as No Parking for curbside restaurant access are subject to change. MCDOT is open to consideration of expanding the changes to support other areas currently controlled by curbside parking meters. To request additional locations, contact

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

Last Updated: 03/18/2020 06:36:45