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Sidewalk Repair

The Department of Transportation, Division of Highway Services maintains existing County sidewalks. Should a sidewalk require repairs, a representative will review the repair and recommend any necessary corrective action.

Municipalities such as City of Rockville (240.314.8500) and Gaithersburg (301.258.6370) are responsible for their own roadways or sidewalks within city limits.

For foliage overgrowth on a STATE SIDEWALK, please contact the Maryland State Highway Administration at 301.513.7300.

Online users who would like to report a County sidewalk in disrepair may submit a request by clicking on the Create Service Request button below. Please complete all of the fields in the Contact Information section, provide the property address in the Service/Incident Address information section and provide a brief description of the request in the Brief Description field.

A representative will investigate and respond to service requests within five (5) business days.

Find more information from the following link(s):

Last Updated: 08/28/2019 07:53:52