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Road Repaving Information

Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has an industry-accepted, award winning system for analyzing the conditions of the pavement for all 5,200 lane miles of roadways within the County. This system is called Pavement Management and is founded by a numeric system referred to as Pavement Condition Index or PCI. MCDOT's Division of Highway Services (DHS) conducts this PCI survey on a biannual basis. This is a state-of-the-art process that uses high resolution cameras coupled with lasers mounted on slow moving vehicles (akin to Google) that accurately measures and records detailed pavement conditions. The last such study was completed in the spring of 2015 and the next will be completed by the end of summer 2017. The results from this 2015 PCI survey will assist MCDOT in the development of future road resurfacing schedules such as the FY17 and FY18 fiscal years. That proposed work is entirely dependent on future funding levels. If the road requires immediate repairs, please see topics entitled "Road Repair" or "Potholes". If the road is a numbered route such as Rte. 355, 117, please contact the Maryland State Highway Administration at 301.513.7300.
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Last Updated: 12/01/2020 09:01:32