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Current Concrete Projects

Large-scale repair projects are scheduled each Fiscal Year, depending on funding availability. Such projects include maintenance of current street curb and gutter and sidewalks adjacent to publicly maintained streets. To view the current schedule and newsletters if available for these programs, please follow the appropriate link listed below.

While performing residential rehabilitation and concrete program work within County neighborhoods, the Division of Highway Services has adopted a policy to provide residents with an option to replace deteriorated driveway aprons.

If the road is a numbered route such as Rte. 355, 117, please contact the Maryland State Highway Administration at 301.513.7300.

A representative will investigate the service requests within five (5) business days.

Find more information from the following link(s):
To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

Last Updated: 11/30/2020 11:27:30