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Where to Park with Parking Convenience Sticker

Any space controlled by signs indicating PCS PERMIT PARKING ONLY; Any long term parking meter (long term meter is light silver in color and has a duration of nine hours or more) except carpool areas before 9:30 AM.; In facilities controlled by Automatic Pay Stations (Pay by Space Only), at any non-restricted space (i.e., spaces not designated by signs as a short term space of less than 9 hours, carpool or other reserved parking, permit cannot be used in Pay-on-foot facilities. After 9:30 AM the permit may be used at spaces designated by signs as Carpool spaces. These signs read "Carpool Permit Parking Only 6:00 AM thru 9:30 AM Monday - Friday" Parking in a carpool space before 9:30 AM could result in a parking violation notice and/or having the vehicle towed at the owner's expense; The permit does not allow parking within any cashier operated facility or pay-on-foot facility. Parking in cashier garages and pay-on-foot garages requires payment of parking fees upon exit. The permit does not guarantee a space in any particular facility.
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Last Updated: 09/24/2013 08:19:12