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Cable Complaints

The Montgomery County Department of Technology Services, Community Technology Office formerly known as Cable Office, investigates Cable related complaints such as: billing, cable service, cable line, cable marketing, cable telephone service, construction, cable excavation, cable connectivity, cable installation, cable reception and other cable related issues. This office serves as an intermediary to resolve issues between the cable operator and subscribers. After a customer has contacted their cable provider regarding a cable related concern, such as billing or quality issues and has not received a satisfactory resolution, they may request assistance from the County's Community Technology Office. Complaints or questions about cable service should first be directed to the customer's cable operator. IF THE COMPLAINT IS ABOUT A TELECOMMUNICATION LINE HANGING DOWN, EXPOSED OR OUT OF THE GROUND, OR INVOLVES A PEDESTAL OR CABLE JUNCTION BOX THAT IS OPEN, HAS EXPOSED WIRES OR IS A TRIPPING HAZARD, A SERVICE REQUEST SHOULD BE FORWARDED DIRECTLY TO THE COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. Comcast 888.739.1379

RCN 1.800.746.4726

Verizon 1.888.553.1555


Online users may submit a complaint by clicking the "Create Service Request" button below. Please provide the customer's name, address, telephone number and email address. Additional addresses may be included in the "Brief description" Field if the complaint involves a construction issue. In addition, please provide a brief description of the complaint in the "Brief Description" field. Please remember to indicate the name of the cable operator. Some data fields (Complaint Number, Subdivision, and Refer to Inspector) are for internal use and may be left blank.

For non-cable provided telephone service complaints, see topic "COMPLAINTS ABOUT UTILITIES."

The Cable Office investigator will contact the requestor within 2 days .

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