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Street Sweeping Arterial Roads in the Anacostia and Rock Creek Watersheds

Beginning in November 2015, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will begin overnight street-sweeping of selected arterial roads in the Anacostia and Rock Creek watersheds. Arterial routes are generally larger roads with more commercial activity, traffic and observed trash. Previously, the County swept arterial segments in other watersheds.

The Anacostia and Rock Creek waterways were found by the Maryland Department of the Environment to be impaired by pollutants, such as sediment, nitrogen and trash. Focused street sweeping will help remove these pollutants from roadways as well as support County efforts to improve water quality and meet regional commitments to reduce litter. There will be no associated parking restrictions.

In fiscal year 2015, County arterial street-sweeping collected 327 tons of trash and dirt that would otherwise have run off into County streams.

For information about the daytime residential street sweeping program operated by the Department of Transportation, please see the articles related to "Residential Street Sweeping".

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