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Change Line - Germantown

Provide change line number, transfer call: 240.777.4747. If there are further questions, transfer to Tier II for CARES look up. All Income Supports cases require a CARES look up and brief note as it relates to customer request. Enter CARES ID in external system ID field. When sending a SR, INCLUDE THE CHANGES CUSTOMER IS TRYING TO REPORT IN SR. If customer ONLY receives Medicaid, it may be that customer has a case in one of the MAGI offices, and therefore a SR will need to be sent to report the change (need to choose MAGI KBA), or they may need to call the MHC. The MAGI offices DO NOT HAVE A REPORTING CHANGE LINE, so do NOT provide number in this public answer unless caller is served by Income supports office, TRANSFER TO TIER II if customer is not sure what they receive or which office they go to.
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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.