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Mosquito Control

There has been a surge in the urban mosquito population due to the introduction of the Asian Tiger Mosquito (ATM). ATM is one of the species that can spread the Zika Virus. The ATM displays a strong preference for breeding in small, man-made containers such as clogged rain gutters, flower pots, trash and recycling cans, tires, buckets, children's toys, boats, rain barrels and pet food and water dishes. ATM has been known to breed in pools of water as small as a bottle cap. The ATM does not breed in wetlands or waterways. With its breeding habits and a very short flight range of less than a quarter mile, the source of an ATM problem can typically be found in one's backyard. They prefer to dwell in shady, low lying ground cover or vegetation and are unique for feeding during daylight hours. ATM association with human habitation and persistent daytime biting make the ATM a particularly troubling mosquito in urban and suburban settings.

Draining or removal of water holding containers, even on a localized basis, will help control mosquitoes. In addition to draining standing water, it is important to scrub the inside of containers to destroy eggs. On private property, it is largely the responsibility of individuals to conduct thorough and repeated efforts to remove or drain all potential mosquito breeding containers.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) does have a mosquito control program and will work with Homeowner Associations on a cost share basis to control mosquito breeding sites. Please contact the Mosquito Control Section of the Maryland Department of Agriculture for assistance and advice at: 301.422.5080, or visit their website by clicking on the first link below.

For the most comprehensive and up to date information for Montgomery County regarding Mosquito control, prevention, reducing exposure, health risks, submitting a complaint, and many other topics, please click on the 2nd link below.

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