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Obtaining a Montgomery County Master's Electrical License with a Maryland State License

An applicant who is reciprocating from the State of Maryland is qualified to be licensed in Montgomery County without examination by the Montgomery County Board of Electrical Examiners provided that the applicant holds an active state license prior to applying. A licensee whose principal place of business is legally established in the state or who is a resident of this state is eligible under the reciprocity system. Reciprocity shall be granted to the licensee to obtain only the initial reciprocal license in the state of Maryland. Should Master wish to be considered 'Active' and pull electrical permits, the D.L.L.R. State of Maryland license MUST say "04 - Qualified Agent" and list said business.

A licensee whose license is suspended or revoked or who has a record of violations of the regulations in any one jurisdiction within this state, at the time of applying, may not be eligible under the reciprocity system.

Licensees with a valid Maryland State license, may complete and submit an Application for Reciprocal Electrical License Statewide. The company for which the applicant will master MUST be licensed with Montgomery County. If not, then an Electrical Business Application along with the Reciprocal License Application must be submitted. If the electrical master does not have a business license, they will be listed as 'Inactive' for the purpose of permitting. When received, DPS will forward to the Electrical Board for approval.

Procedures and Applications for Reciprocal Electrical License Statewide and Other Jurisdictions can be accessed by clicking on the "Master Electrician's License" link. Electrical Business procedures and information can be accessed by clicking on the "Electrical Business License" link.

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