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Fish Species Found in Montgomery County

Montgomery County is home to more than 60 species of freshwater fish, representing nearly every family of fish known in Maryland. This includes trout (family: Salmonidae), catfishes (family: Ictaluridae), sunfishes and bass (family: Centrarchidae), minnows (family: Cyprinidae), suckers (family: Catostomatidae), sculpins (family: Cottidae), darters and yellow perch (family: Percidae), killifishes (family: Fundulidae), lampreys (family: Petromyzontidae), American Eel (family: Anguillidae), Eastern mudminnow (family: Umbridae), Eastern mosquitofish (family: Poeciliidae).To obtain Montgomery County fish data, please send a request through AskDEP. For distribution maps of fishes in Maryland, please visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Biological Stream Survey Fish Distribution Page.
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Last Updated: 01/03/2017 16:16:20