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Bin Contamination Enforcement

The County has seen an increase in contamination i.e. unacceptable material in recycling bins and carts over time. Contamination in recycling is a problem because it diminishes the value of the recyclables. Contamination costs the County money in terms of processing contaminated recycling, and the amount of money the County gets for a recyclable item from the marketplace. The number one contaminant is plastic bags/plastic wrap. The County does not recycle plastic bags/wrap. Plastic bags/wrap jams up the processing machinery used to sort the bottles, cans and jars at the recycling center. This costs the County money in terms of maintenance on the processing machinery and downtime. If a resident is using a plastic bag to contain an overflow of bottles/cans/jars the resident should put those items in a cardboard box, paper bag, or order another bin. The next most common contamination problem is the mixing of bottles/cans/jars with paper and cardboard in the same recycling bin or cart. Residents should remember that a bin is for bottles, cans and jars. A cart is for paper and cardboard. Paper and cardboard in with the bottles and cans jams up the machinery at the recycling center much like plastic bags/wrap does. Glass mixed in with paper/cardboard diminishes the value of the paper the County can get from the marketplace. Bottles, cans and jars can also jam up the machinery on the paper sorting line at the recycling center. The links below show the most common unacceptable items in bins and carts and the proper material to put in each container.
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Last Updated: 02/27/2020 08:26:29