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Retiree (ERS) - Tax Withholding Forms

Retirees in the Employees' Retirement System (including a surviving spouse, beneficiary or qualified domestic relations order payee) may change Federal taxes online at AccessMCG or obtain Retiree Federal and Retiree Maryland State Tax withholding forms from the MCERP website (see link below). ONLY FEDERAL AND MARYLAND STATE TAX CAN BE WITHHELD. Please consult with a tax adviser regarding making payments for state taxes that may be required.

Public Safety Police/Fire/Sheriff/Corrections and most employees hired prior to 1994 are in the ERS System. For retirees unsure about what retirement program they are in, please see topic: "Retiree - Pension Plan Determination."

If unable to print the forms, online users may submit a request by clicking on the Create Service Request button below. Please complete all of the fields in the Contact Information section and provide a brief description of the request and the type of form requested in the Brief Description field and the forms will be sent by mail. The mailing address (and fax number) for the Board of Investment Trustees is located on the bottom of each form.

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Last Updated: 02/25/2020 07:39:42