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Periodical Cicadas

Periodical cicadas are an amazing phenomenon in the world of bugs. These insects spend most of their lives as underground nymphs and emerge in predictable intervals of 17 years. These cicadas last emerged in Montgomery County back in 2004. They will not hurt you or your pets. They don't fly very well so they may bump into you or land on you but they do not bite or sting. They are a favored treat for dogs, who sometimes eat so many they have an upset stomach. When the cicadas emerge, they shed a hard shell, and find their way to the tops of trees. In the trees, the males sing to attract females. They can be very loud, louder than a lawn mower. The females lay eggs in small branches. This often kills the branches. Most trees and shrubs survive this natural pruning, however, some of the smaller ones may suffer if too many branches are killed. For more information about cicadas, protecting trees and shrubs, and fun facts, please check out the links below.
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Last Updated: 05/24/2021 09:33:37