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Residential False Advertising Pre-Lease or Scam Rentals

The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) does not handle landlord-tenant disputes involving residential tenancy leases or services provided by the landlord. OCP can ONLY handle false advertising PRE-lease or scam rentals such as fake rental units that are found online and false leases whereby there is no rental unit in the first place. If there is a written lease or sub-lease, OCP has no jurisdiction. If there is NO written lease or sublease, the OCP still has no jurisdiction but may try to resolve the issue if a complaint is filed. Once a lease or other contract is signed, OCP has no jurisdiction. Commercial landlord-tenant disputes (office space, retail locations, etc.) can be filed as "mediation only" complaints with the OCP. The OCP will not investigate these complaints but will try to get agreement from the parties to meet with a free third-party neutral to help the parties resolve the dispute.
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Last Updated: 01/10/2019 09:45:30