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Enforcement and or Provision of Handicapped Parking by a Landlord

The Office of Human Rights (MCOHR) conducts investigations on complaints of discrimination in the business sector or housing. MCOHR also provides information on disability requirements for townhouse and condominium developments. MCOHR may be able to assist if landlord/business does not provide handicapped parking while landlord/business provides parking to all other tenants/customers. For assistance, send a service request to the office. Include name, address phone, and brief description of complaint, including business or housing name.

MCOHR does not issue handicapped parking permits or enforce handicapped parking violations. Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles issues driver's licenses, handicap tags, identification cards and residential street parking signs. For parking violations (person without permit parks in handicapped space) or ticketing, caller may notify the Police Department non-emergency line at: 301.279.8000, traffic division, or a local police district station. For parking requirements, restrooms, handicapped access, or not enough handicapped spaces, the Department of Permitting Services may be able to assist. For residential parking permits, the Division of Parking Management within the Department of Transportation may be able to assist.

Last Updated: 06/24/2015 09:45:13