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Employment Discrimination in Private Sector

If a person believes that an employer has discriminated against them, contact the Office of Human Rights. Employers are not required to give employees a reason for discharge. The following is Important information needed to make a determination: the date the alleged discrimination took place (complaints must be filed within one year of the last act of discrimination); where the employer is located (the Office only has jurisdiction over businesses in Montgomery County); whether or not the business is a government entity (the Office of Human Rights does not have jurisdiction authority over federal government and state government agencies or businesses). For further information, and/or to begin the process by completing a complaint form, see links below. The Office of Human Rights is located at: 21 Maryland Avenue, Suite 330, Rockville, MD. 20850. Hours are: Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Walk in complaints are accepted or a Service Request may be submitted for the Office by clicking the button below. Please provide the requestor's name, telephone number, email address a brief description of the request.
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