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Montgomery County Cancer Crusade, Nicotine Tobacco Cessation

For assistance with smoking cessation contact: Suburban Hospital at: 301.896.3939 or Montgomery General Hospital at 301.774.8881. All have adult group cessation programs. Additional resources include: 1.800.QUIT NOW, a telephone based program where calls are answered by coaches trained to improve a smoker's chances of successfully quitting smoking. The Tobacco Independence Campaign offers one-on-one counseling in tobacco addition targeted to the African American community. Contact: 301.879.7933 for further information. Montgomery County may offer more resources/information at: 240.777.1222. They can also address questions about available cancer screening programs. Click on the second link below for the website for the resource center for tobacco use cessation and prevention for the State of Maryland.
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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.