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Credit Checks

Property owners who are currently licensed with the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs Licensing Section and own ten or less rental units, can perform a credit check on potential tenants at a discounted rate through CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions by following the instructions below:

Click on the first link below.

After signing in and verifying your license status, you will have access to the CoreLogic Link;

Click on this link which will take you to the CoreLogic Database; and

Follow the instructions provided to obtain the report.

Those without access to a computer may come to the DHCA office at 1401 Rockville Pike Suite 400 Rockville, MD 20852 and utilize the computer available in the reception area.

Payments will be made directly to Corelogic Rental Property Solutions. All reports MUST be paid by credit or debit card. DHCA no longer provides this service directly and as such can no longer accept payments. By accessing this portal in conjunction with your DHCA rental facility license, you will receive a discount for this service. If you need assistance, call Corelogic Rental Property Solutions Customer Service at 1.800.811.3495.

Find more information from the following link(s):
To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

Last Updated: 03/25/2020 09:14:37