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Troubled Property

"Troubled Property" is a term found in Chapter 29 of the Montgomery County Code. Essentially, a troubled property is a Multi-Family rental property which, because of the severity and quantity of housing code violations observed during DHCA's most recent inspection of the property, is subject to annual inspections by the Department. A property may also be designated as a troubled property if one or more of the following conditions are observed: Rodent or insect infestation affecting 20 percent or more of the units in the building; Extensive or visible mold growth on interior walls or exposed surfaces; Windows that do not permit a safe means of egress; Pervasive or recurring water leaks resulting in chronic dampness, mold growth, or personal property damage in more than one unit; and, Lack of one or more working utilities that is not shut off due to tenant non-payment.

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To view the Troubled Property List, please click on the second link below. On the dataMontgomery website, there is a tab called Videos and Resources. There are YouTube videos there that explain how to navigate and use datasets on this site.

To file an online complaint regarding a maintenance issue in a residential rental unit, please see the topic entitled "Housing Complaints" or click on the third link below.

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