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Sump Pump Discharge

Complaints about sump pump discharge onto sidewalks or roadways causing a hazard are initially investigated by DHCA Housing Code Enforcement. To file a complaint about a sump pump discharging water onto a sidewalk or roadway, causing a hazard, please see the topic entitled "Housing Complaints". DHCA Housing Code Enforcement WILL NOT handle complaints about sump pumps discharging water onto adjoining property unless it is specifically causing a hazard. (See topic "Discharge of Water Onto Adjoining Property")

If the discharge of water from a sump pump is causing icing on a roadway, please see the topic entitled "Salt Icy Street" which will forward the request to DOT Highway. DOT Highway will not salt an icy sidewalk. The agent should create a second SR as a "Housing Complaint" noting that an SR has already been sent to DOT Highway to address the icing conditions and include that SR number in the summary.

For information about obtaining a permit from the Department of Permitting Services to connect a sump pump to the existing street drainage system, make a curb cut, or perform any other work in the County right of way, please see the topic entitled "Contacting the Land Development Reviewer of the Day".

To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

Last Updated: 03/19/2019 13:18:50