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Register to Vote

Residents of Montgomery County who have never registered to vote, who have moved and need to update their address, or who wish to update their party affiliation may download a voter registration application from the Board of Elections' website - see link below - and send it to the Montgomery County Board of Elections for processing.

For the 2020 Presidential General Election to be held on November 3, 2020, the deadline to register to vote is October 13, 2020. Registered voters can review/update their voter record by texting CHECK to 77788, or check first link below for voter look up. One may also dial: 240.777.8500 to verify their voter registration using the automated phone system or for assistance.

Individuals who are not registered but have a valid Maryland Driver?s license, Permit or MVA ID can register by texting VOTE to 77788 or on line, also first link below.

Online users who have additional questions and would like to be contacted by a departmental staff member contact the office at: 240.777.8507. Individuals without a Maryland Driver?s license, Learners Permit or MVA ID can visit the second link below to download a voter registration application to mail to the Board of Elections or call: 240.777.8500 for assistance.

For additional information, see links below.

Find more information from the following link(s):

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