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Updating Information Provided on Original Rental License Application and Printing Rental License

Any changes in information on a Rental License application must be reported to the Licensing and Registration Unit within ten days. Examples include: the sale of a rental property, change in: ownership, agent, management company, address of owner or agent, no longer renting property, etc.

Owners can submit changes online using the L&R Online Network by clicking on the first link below. An AccessMCG account is needed to use the L&R Online Network. For properties licensed before October 7, 2016, a one-time process of using the License Number and Contact ID are required to verify your account. Rental Licenses can also be printed from the L&R Online Network.

Change forms and the mailing address are available from the Licensing and Registration website by clicking on the first second link below. To download a form, click on the first second link and click on the appropriate form related to the change. Change forms can be sent by fax at 240.777.3699 or uploaded into the rental property account on the L&R Online Network or mail. When submitting changes of information, be sure to note the change of information, license number and rental property address. Failure to report changes will result in the denial of the application and/or the revocation of the Rental license. All registered landlords must provide the Department with a current address for the receipt of mail. If the Department sends mail to the designated address and it is returned as undeliverable, the Department may treat the mail as having been received.

Online users who have additional questions that require the expertise of a staff member, please click on the third link below.

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

Last Updated: 06/19/2020 14:11:28