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Standards for Class 3 Accessory Dwelling Units

1. Only one ADU is permitted on a lot.

2. An ADU must be licensed by the Department of Housing and Community Affairs if it does not have a Special Exception. This applies to both rented and personal use ADUs.

3. The ADU must be approved and satisfy the conditions of Special Exception prior to May 20, 2013.

4. The ADU must be the only additional living unit or residential use space on a lot.

5. The ADU cannot be located on a lot with other tenants, Airbnb's or short-term residential rentals.

6. The ADU can not be prohibited by a common ownership community document and not more than 30 days past due on any common ownership community fees.

7. The Hearing Examiner may grant a waiver from parking requirements. Effective May 20, 2013, a Special Exception is not required for all Accessory Dwelling Units.

To file a complaint regarding the allowance of an ADU in a neighborhood, please call the Office of Zoning and Administrative Hearings at 240.777.6660.

For further information regarding the creation or licensing of an Accessory Dwelling Units, please click on the link below.

Online users who have additional questions and would like to be contacted by a departmental staff member may submit a request by clicking on the Create Service Request button below. Please complete all of the fields in the Contact Information section and provide a brief description of the request in the Brief Description field.

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