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Dead Tree or Branches on Private Property

If there are dead branches or a dead tree, department responsibility depends on the location of the tree. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has responsibility for trees on County property, Right-of-way, along roads, (see "Request to Inspect, Remove or Prune County Tree" while DHCA Housing Code Enforcement handles dead trees, branches on private property. It is the responsibility of the property owner where the tree is located to maintain the tree. If a tree has fallen, the property owner is responsible for removing that portion of the tree that lies on their property and the County cannot force a property owner to remove a fallen dead tree from a neighbor's property. If a property owner is unable to resolve a dispute regarding a dead tree that has fallen from an adjoining property, they should contact their homeowners insurance company. See Section 26-9(b)(5) of Chapter 26, Housing and Building and Maintenance Standards on the attached link for the Code reference.

Click on the second link below and scroll down to the section entitled "Trees" for information from the County Attorney's Office regarding responsibilities associated with maintaining trees. To file a complaint regarding a dead tree or branches on private property, please see the topic entitled "HOUSING COMPLAINTS, "or click on the third link below.

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Last Updated: 01/08/2021 09:51:17