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Election Judge Requirements on Election Day

Election judges are expected to make their own arrangements for transportation to and from Election Judge training and polling place. The Board of Elections (BOE) does not provide transportation. Election judges should dress in "business casual" clothing and are prohibited from wearing any partisan or political paraphernalia. While the polls are open, Election Judges are not permitted to leave the building. Judges may leave the polling room to use the bathroom facilities and to take breaks for meals. The County does not provide food during Election Day. Election Judges are responsible for their own meals. They may bring food (bring enough food for the day); order food or have someone deliver or drop something off. Election judges are not permitted to leave the precinct to obtain food. Coordinated arrangements for food can be made in advance in which each Election Judge assigned to a work precinct brings in a food item to share.

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Last Updated: 01/21/2015 13:39:50