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Updating Voter Registration Information

Changes to voter registration information may be made any time voter registration is open. A written change request should be sent to the Board of Elections (BOE) and must include the following: complete name; date of birth; old and new address; date; and signature. The Voter Registration Application may be used to make changes and is available from the locations identified on the website by clicking on the link below. Changes may be faxed to the Elections Office at: 240.777.8600. If a change of address form is completed at the Motor Vehicle Administration, the information will be sent to the local BOE for processing, unless a customer specifies not to change the voter registration information.

Online users who have additional questions and would like to be contacted by a departmental staff member may submit a request by clicking on the Create Service Request button below. Please complete all of the fields in the Contact Information section and provide a brief description of the request in the Brief Description field.

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Last Updated: 09/18/2020 11:11:54