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COVID-19 Small Business Personal Property Tax Suspension

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has issued an executive order suspending time requirements for the County's 2020 business personal property (BPP) tax. Executive Order 64-20, which went into effect on May 21, suspends the normal required date of payment. See link 1 for order.

The deadline for paying the tax will be extended until after Maryland Governor Larry Hogan lifts the state of emergency executive order issued on March 12 and under which all of the State currently operates.

BPP bills are issued each month as the State reviews and certifies each business' annual personal property tax filing. Payment of business personal property tax bills are due 30 days after the date on the bill. Suspending the payment deadline allows extra time for businesses to pay the tax until they are able to conduct business again.

Businesses that have outstanding tax bills will have to pay the taxes by the end of the month that follows the month during which the emergency is lifted

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Last Updated: 05/29/2020 15:29:20