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Employee - Request a Copy of W-2 Form

For current or former employees requesting a copy of their W-2 form (this may have occurred because the employee moved and did not complete a Personal Data Form to change their address), a Payroll Request Form (PDF) to request a duplicate W-2 form must be completed and faxed to Payroll at 240.777.8843. If a current or former employee has moved, a Personal Data Form for change of address should also be completed. Forms can be obtained on the web. The completed Personal Data Form should be faxed to 240.777.5130, or mailed to the Office of Human Resources, Records Management, EOB 8th Floor, 101 Monroe Street, Rockville, MD 20850.
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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

Last Updated: 02/11/2020 13:49:36