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Filing a Claim Against the County

The Division of Risk Management operates as the County's "in house" insurance company, managing and investigating all claims for damages filed against County employees, departments and agencies. Typical calls involve the following claim scenarios - For the reports with asterisk (*) below, a distinction must be made on whether or not the person is filing a claim for damage/injury, or if they are asking for service, such as having someone from the County respond to remove a tree from their property, which should be referred to the Department of Transportation:
  1. A County vehicle struck my vehicle causing damage.
  2. A County snow plow struck my vehicle/mail box or property causing damage.
  3. I slipped and fell on County property causing an injury.
  4. I was injured on a Ride On bus.
  5. *A County tree fell on my property/vehicle and caused damage.
  6. *My vehicle was damaged by a pothole on a County road.
-For tree related issues, please send an additional service request to Request to Inspect, Remove or Prune County Tree.
- For road or pothole related issues, please send an additional service request to Pothole Repair.

Online users can submit a request by clicking on the "Create Service Request" button below. Please complete all of the fields in the Contact Information section . In the Service/Incident Address Information provide where the incident occurred. In "Additional Information - Brief Description" provide when the incident occurred, a description of what occurred, was anyone injured in the incident and the requestor's street address. A representative from Risk Management will contact the requestor to gather more information and answer additional questions.

Last Updated: 11/05/2019 07:55:47