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Information Printed on the Tax Bill

The tax bill indicates on the front if there are any outstanding or unpaid prior year tax bills. If the lien on the property has already been sold at tax sale, a note will be on the bill advising that there is a tax lien on the account. Only the annual printed bill will show "WSSC Remaining". Bills printed "in house" will not show this note. The "WSSC Remaining" shows the unpaid amount pertaining to the construction of the water and sewer lines leading to the property. For more information about this notation on the bill, contact WSSC at 301.206.8126. If a lender's name is printed in the "Mortgage Information" Box on the front of the tax bill, then there will be a watermark diagonally across the tax bill that says "Taxpayer Information". This indicates that the mortgage lender has requested payment information from the County in order to make the tax payment from the escrow account. NOTE: This does not mean they will be making the payment.
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Last Updated: 03/12/2015 11:15:09