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How to apply for Pre-Release and Reentry Services (PRRS)

All sentenced individuals incarcerated in the Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation's detention facilities; Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC); and Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF) are automatically considered for eligibility for PRRS on a weekly basis. Individuals must be within the statutory guidelines of having 12 months or less remaining on their sentence, be able to work legally, be free from serious continuing cases, warrants, and detainers, and be able to comply with the rules of a community correctional program.

. Online users who have additional questions may submit a request by clicking on the "Create Service Request" button below. Please provide the requestor's name, phone number, email address, and a brief description of the request.

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Last Updated: 02/18/2015 10:37:41