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Smoke Alarm Beeping in Residential Property

A smoke alarm may "chirp" every 30 to 60 seconds or so when something is wrong. This could be an indication the battery or the back-up battery in a hard-wired alarm is low, there is a dust particle build up in the alarm causing a false reading or that the alarm is at the end of its 10 year service life and the entire alarm needs to be replaced. Usually the problem is resolved by replacing the battery with a new one. As well, try and dust/vacuum around the alarm (should be done every so often).

If the alarm continues to beep after battery replacement then the device may need to be replaced. If the smoke alarm is easily activated by cooking or showering, it should be moved or replaced with a different type of smoke alarm. Smoke alarms can use ionization or photoelectric technology as well as a combination of both technologies in one alarm. If unable to replace the unit, and currently have at least one working smoke alarm in the home, a free home evaluation may be scheduled. FRS may also provide assistance with the installation of battery powered smoke alarms or batteries at that time of the visit. If the smoke alarm is wired into the homes electrical power, a licensed, bonded, and insured electrician or professional should handle this.

If there are no working smoke alarms in the home and the homeowner is incapable of obtaining and installing smoke alarms, please direct the call to be handled by non-emergency 301.279.8000 call-takers.

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.

Last Updated: 02/04/2020 08:21:56