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Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are offered by the private sector and non-profits such as the YMCA; 301.229.1347; the Parent Encouragement Program at: 301.929.8824 and/or Families Discovery Center at: 301.424.2989. Child Protective Services (CPS) may have a list of additional organizations. To contact CPS, call: 240.777.4417. The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Parent Academy (301.517.5940 or 301.279.3100) provides parental classes during the school year on a variety of topics. See web site below. The classes are open to all parents, but priority is given to MCPS parents. YMCA Youth and Family Services at 301.229.1347 also provides free and low-cost classes at County libraries and other locations. For parents of younger children, The Child Link Program may have additional resources.
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Last Updated: 06/23/2020 07:43:29