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Low Impact Development or Rainscapes

Low-Impact Development (LID) is a form of stormwater management that focuses on retention, detention, or infiltration of rainfall and snowmelt to maintain a natural water balance. Rather than treating rainfall as a waste to be channeled quickly off-site and conveyed through pipes to ponds or basins, rainfall is allowed to soak in. LID is often accomplished by using vegetated areas. Plants slow the movement of water through an area, and their roots move water into the deeper soil layers. LID also increases on-site water filtration and helps to clean excess runoff. Rainscapes is an example of low impact development. From simple rain barrels to elaborate rain gardens, Rainscapes are a wonderful mix of innovative approaches which help conserve our natural resources while creating habitat areas full of beauty and life.

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Last Updated: 07/02/2018 10:33:29