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In Maryland, asbestos concerns are primarily handled by the State of Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). Further information on MDE's asbestos program can be obtained by calling 410.537.3200 or clicking on the appropriate link below. Asbestos siding, shingles, and vinyl asbestos floor tiles are considered to be non-friable asbestos materials as they cannot be easily broken by hand pressure. As non-friable asbestos materials, they are much less likely to produce dust and are not strictly regulated. They can be removed and handled as normal construction debris. Care should be taken to avoid excessive breakage to these materials. If possible, the asbestos containing materials should be bagged separately from other debris.

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection will investigate complaints regarding visible airborne dust created during the removal of asbestos materials and/or demolition of a structure believed to contain asbestos. Online customers may file a complaint by clicking on the "Create Service Request" button below. Please complete all required fields, and provide any information that will help DEP address the issue in the "Additional Information" box.

For a direct link to the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection's webpage on asbestos, please click on the appropriate link below.

An investigator from DEP will typically contact the requestor within 3 business days, although resolution of the issue may take longer depending on the circumstances of the case.

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