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COVID-19 Rental Relief Program HHS

To apply for Rental Relief (an individual/family must be at least one month late, but do not have to have an eviction notice):

Apply on line (see link below); create a service request to be included on the wait list, which will lead to a contact by a case worker. To do this: click on "Create Service Request" button below and provide the requested information to be added to the wait list, including email address. In summary box also add number of adults and children, monthly rent, and current household income. Note contact preference (email or phone) and any additional contact information in the "Brief Description" field. Include a phone number and email address if known. The third option is to visit an outreach site/location in the community for applications and processing, which will be forthcoming and listed on website as they open.

If one is already on the waiting list, there is no need to create another request for service, however, one may go on line to complete the application (link 2 below).

Please see link below for a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs); for updates and for documentation needed.

Callers on the waiting list may receive an initial call for first level screening. If and when a case is passed on for further processing instructions will be given.

Existing Cases are processed based on various priorities and will be processed until all funding is exhausted. Callers should check the website in the link for more information and for any updates. Should a caller receive a call back regarding a request please note: All workers contacting callers are identifying themselves and stating the purpose of their call and that they are following up to a request from 311. The call is an offer to do the application/screening with an applicant by phone. Workers will identify themselves and leave a call back number.

Find more information from the following link(s):

Last Updated: 09/22/2020 10:28:33