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Income or Deductions Considered for Eligibility for Child Care Subsidies

The total gross annual household income (before taxes), averaged from the 4 most recent and consecutive months worth of pay stubs, is used to determine income eligibility. One permissible deduction is verified child support that is paid out to another household. Both the State Child Care Subsidy Program and the Montgomery County Working Parents Assistance (WPA) Program also provide an income disregard for relative caretakers. Once an application is in for processing, a child care subsidy worker can evaluate the household situation. Parents stating they are on the State Child Care Subsidy Program (formerly POC) can call the Parent IVR at 1.866.243.8796 to check the status of their application. Parents who have not applied for child care subsidy or who do not know whether or not they are receiving child care subsidy from the Working Parents Assistance Program (WPA) or the State Child Care Subsidy Program, formerly POC, can call 240.777.1177 and ask the Worker of the Day to check the status of their application. Both child care subsidy programs have 30 days from the receipt of the child care subsidy application to approve or deny the application for child care subsidy.

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