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Political Party Affiliation
The option exists to register with any of Maryland's recognized political parties. If a party is not chosen, the voter will be considered as "Unaffiliated." To affiliate with a party, fill out a new Voter Registration Application and designate the party of choice. The Voter Registration Application is available at the Board of Elections at: 18753-210 N. Frederick Road, Gaithersburg, MD. 20879 or download from: Voter Registration Application link below. One may also register for a political party through the State Board of Elections. See Register for a Political Party link below. Registered voters who are unaffiliated are eligible to vote in nonpartisan primary elections in the jurisdiction - including the primary election to select nominees to the Board of Education. By law, Maryland has a "Closed Primary." A closed primary means that a voter must be affiliated with a major political party and must vote for their party's candidates to run in the General Election. To change political party:must be done anytime while voter registration is open. The deadline to make a party changes for the 2014 primary elections is Tuesday, June 3, 2014. For the General party affiliation change is October 14, 2014. A written change request must be sent to the Board of Elections and must include: complete name; date of birth; old and new change; date; and signature. The Voter Registration Application may be used to change your party and is available at the BOE or the state website, or BOE can email the form. Changes can be faxed to BOE at: 240.777.8600.
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