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New Parking Meters in Friendship Heights

New parking meters are being installed for better overall parking management, to control traffic congestion by reducing the availability of free parking, and to enhance pedestrian safety in the Friendship Heights neighborhood. Parked vehicles tend to slow the through traffic and create a safety buffer for pedestrians. Meter revenue will also fund more consistent parking enforcement and provide funding for transportation and pedestrian safety improvements in Friendship Heights.

Meters will be installed as follows:

Wisconsin Avenue northbound from Willard Avenue to Somerset Terrace. There will be 2-hr limit, $1 per hour, no parking during rush hours.

Meters eastbound from Baltimore Avenue to Friendship Boulevard on Willard Ave will be long term at $0.65 per hour, no parking during rush hours.

Meters southbound Friendship Boulevard (next to GEICO property) from Willard Avenue to Western Avenue will be 2-hr limit, $1 per hour, no rush hour restriction.

To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.