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Documentation for Food Stamps, Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA), Medicaid and Temporary Disability Assistance Program

To be eligible for Food Stamps, Income Supports, or Temporary Cash Assistance, a resident will need to provide: proof of income; proof of identity; proof of assets; and, proof of expenses. Examples are: pay stubs for the last month; statement of earnings on employer letterhead; tax return (most recent); award letter; unemployment benefits; child support or alimony; Worker's Compensation; veteran's benefits; military allotment. If receiving contributions, notation must address what is being covered.

PROOF OF IDENTITY: Social security card; birth certificate; driver's license; Alien registration card (front and back); citizenship papers; Marriage license or divorce decree; Medicare cards.

PROOF OF ASSETS: Checking/savings accounts; statement that indicate there are no accounts; dividends and interest statements; CD's, IRAs, and Keogh Accounts; stocks, bonds, mutual funds; vehicle registration and vehicle loans; assets transferred in last 3 months; life/health insurance.

PROOF OF EXPENSES: rent/mortgage (lease) receipts; condo fee payments; property tax/homeowners insurance; child or dependent care. Residents are encouraged to apply for benefits even if the all information cannot be documented. Go to the nearest Health and Human Services (HHS) office based upon zip code of residence to apply: Silver Spring Office is located at: 8818 Georgia Avenue, 20910; Rockville Office is located at: 1301 Piccard Drive, 20850 and Germantown Office is located at: 12900 Middlebrook Road, 20874. Please check zip code link.

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To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.