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Childhood Lead Prevention Program
The Silver Spring Health Center operates The Childhood Lead Prevention Program, which provides case management for children who have blood lead levels of at least 10 micrograms per deciliter. The program offers education and outreach to: schools, child care facilities, landlords, residents, and the medical community about lead poisoning; the program monitors incidences of childhood lead poisoning and environmental lead hazards in the community; Blood lead screening; and Promotion of lead-safe environments for children in Montgomery County. The only way to know if a child has lead poisoning is to have them tested. Children can be tested through a primary physician or at a community clinic (community clinics can be located in the knowledge base). Maryland law requires that all children residing in an at-risk area have a blood lead test at their 12 month and 24 month visit. All children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years of age should be checked for lead. There are not obvious signs and most children do not report any abnormal symptoms. Children with lead poisoning might report stomach aches, decreased appetites, hyperactivity, sleeping problems or irritability. Because these symptoms appear to mimic other childhood problems, lead poisoning is often mistaken for the flu or cold. For prevention educational materials; or to learn how often to have a child tested; or if a child has an abnormal lead level; or to request the testing of a home for lead, contact the Health Center in Silver Spring by sending a service request to the office. Online users seeking additional information may create a Service Request by clicking the button below. Please provide the requestor's name, telephone number, email address and a brief description of the request.