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Verification Needed for Emergency Services (ES), Part I

For all Emergency Service?s needs: Documentation of resources, income and expenses.

Income verification for everyone in the household for last 30 days; Receipts or other verification of expenses paid in last 30 days; Photo ID; Birth certificates/Social Security cards for everyone in the household (not necessary if active in Income Supports unless family makeup has changed); Most recent bank statement and current balance, if any active accounts, even if overdrawn; Include recent tax return information, as appropriate; County ES grants usually require a workable financial plan; Verify where balance to resolve crisis will come from if need is greater than grant limits.

For an eviction: Court notice, writ, or red and white final notice; For put out: Letter of put out, verifiable with phone number and address, preferably notarized; If resolution is to pay rent to stay instead of to move to new housing, housing option must be legal and affordable; need to have written rental agreement/lease before approving any money, as well as verifying that landlord has permission to sublet. If basement rental, make sure it meets safety standards. For deposit to new housing; Verified housing emergency (housing sold, lease lost, eviction, medical documentation of need to move, victim of crime or violence, change in family size, etc.); Offer to rent, indicating rent and deposit amounts, tentative move-in date. Housing must be legal and affordable. If HOC housing: request for lease form, and proof new unit passed inspection. If private landlord, verify landlord owns property, and is licensed to rent property. If renting room, verification that new landlord owns property and lives there, or if landlord is renting, has permission from his/her landlord to sublet rooms. Social Security number or Federal Tax ID# of private landlord. Most apartment tax id numbers are available through CARES, but if not, need their Fed. Tax id#. See verifications II also.

To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.