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Communicable Diseases and Epidemiology Office Location and How to Contact

To inquire about or report a communicable disease, including associated symptoms, contact the Office of Disease Control and Epidemiology, at 240.777.1755. Emergency after hours contact information and instructions are also provided at this number.

Please click on the appropriate links below for further information through the Federal Centers for Disease Control Office, and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Epidemiological investigations link cases of illness to prevent or control outbreak situations, like e coli, influenza (flu), etc. and monitors endemic and other epidemic health situations. Communicable disease consultations are provided to physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, the public or any organization or agency with questions. The program provides information and consultation about control measures for many communicable diseases. The office is located at 2000 Dennis Ave., Silver Spring, 20902. See links below for additional information.

Find more information from the following link(s):
To speak with a Customer Service Representative, please call 311 during business hours.