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Responsibility of Alarm Company to Reduce False Alarms

In an effort to reduce false alarms, alarm companies are required by law, to take certain proactive measures. The Alarm/monitoring company must attempt to verify every alarm signal, except duress or hold-up, before requesting police dispatch. If it is determined that an alarm signal is false, the alarm/monitoring company must immediately attempt to cancel the police dispatch. The alarm company must notify the customer in writing, within 72 hours if they have requested a police dispatch to the alarm location.

The alarm company must not request police dispatch to an alarm activation until the alarm system is properly registered. When a new alarm system has been installed in a home or business, the alarm company must provide the customer with a completed and signed Installation Certificate. The Certificate affirms that: The system meets or exceeds installation standards. All persons responsible for the operation of the system have been fully trained on its proper use, and the alarm business has explained the requirements for registration and has completed and provided the alarm user with a copy of the registration form.

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